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Here is our portfolio, consisting of all of our completed projects

Defrost Anchor

Defrost (2020)

After the death of Anne; a loving mother to Hazel and a devoted wife to Ted, Ted and Hazel find themselves drifting apart and Hazel feels like she is drowning in her Dad's apathy. Unable to turn to Anne for help, Ted and Hazel are frozen beneath the surface of a fracturing family.

Writer: Laurence Doherty

Director: Meghan Mc Ardle  

Producers: Sarah McCaffrey, Aideen Hand  

Defrost was developed and funded by Northern Ireland Screen’s New Shorts Focus scheme; an initiative to find Northern Ireland resident filmmakers exclusively from groups that are underrepresented in the film and television sector.

Kettle (2020)

coming soon...

Kettle Anchor

coming soon ...

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